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  1. The living ethnographic Latvian kokle tradition in 21st century

    UK, Londona, 2012, Aijas Rozenbergas kokle, darinājis Kārlis Lipors 

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      UK, Londona, 2012, Aijas Rozenbergas kokle, darinājis Kārlis Lipors 

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      Aija Rozenberga 2011

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      UK, Londona, 2012, Andras Zobens - East kokle, darinājis Donats Vucins

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      Andra Zobens - East 2012

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      UK, Londona, 2012, Avitas O`Donnell kokle, darinājis Kārlis Lipors (90-tajos?)

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      Avita O`Donnell 2012

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      UK, Londona, 2012, Baibas Dzenes kokle, darinājis Kārlis Lipors, 2011

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      Baiba Dzene 2012

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      Latvija, 2012, Daidzes Andersones kokle, darinājis Tālivaldis Pļavnieks ~1997 

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      Daidze Andersone 2012

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      Ilzes Ceļmilleres kokle, darinājis Ivo

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      Ilze Ceļmillere, 2011

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      UK, Londona, 2012, Aivara Jēkaba Zariņa kokle, darinājis Kārlis Lipors, 2007

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      Aivars Jēkabs Zariņš 2012

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      Latvija, 2012, Kristīnes Ādmines kokle, darinajis Eduards Klints, 2007 

    • 16

      Kristīne Ādmine 2011

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      viena no Laimas Jansones koklēm

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      Laima Jansone, 2011

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      UK, Londona, Laimoņa Grīnberga kokle, darinājis Andrejs Rūniks, 1975 

    • 20

      Laimons Grīnbergs un es 2012

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      Latvija, 2012, Māras Grēves kokle, pašas darināta ar Viktora Černoglazova palīdzību

    • 22

      Māra Grēve 2011

    • 23

      Kārlis Lipors 2012

    • 24

      Jamie Wingfield-Stratford 2012

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      Kokles made by Ģirts Laube

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      Ģirts Laube

    This archive is a photo & info collection about the people I know and kokles they`re playing. Why people? It`s them who make this tradition continue by enjoying this instrument.

    Some of my friends and acquaintances are professionals in playing kokle, some play it only for their own satisfaction but every one of them in some way is a very interesting personality, as well as their kokles.

    This is another reason why I wanted to make this collection - to see how different can be these instruments as the people are different. 

    It`s not finished as I know a lot of people playing kokle and partially that`s why I created this archive - to show how alive actually is this tradition which reaches back at lest in the far 15th century of Latvian kokle history. 

    I hope to gather as many pics and info I possibly can from all the world as the Latvians and their kokles as a tradition is alive in all the continents. So if you play kokle or you know someone who does, let me know :)

  2. Kārlis Jirgens

    Karlis Jirgens and his son, lives in LV. 

    Kokle made by Maris Jansons.

    A good friend of mine - Karlis Jirgens. We played kokle and bagpipes together for at least 2 years and I`ve learned a lot from this virtuoso. 

    His kokle has 10 strings and was made by Maris Jansons in Latvia. 

  3. Diāna Upīte

    Diana Upite, lives in UK. 

    Kokle made by unknown master in 1972.

    Diana Upite is a talented musician and singer who found the kokle and Latvian traditional music fun enough to join our jam sessions in London Latvian members house bar. 

    Kokle has 13 strings and was made in 1972 by unknown master.

  4. Baiba Dzene,  lives in UK. 

    Kokle made by Karlis Lipors in 2011, Latvia.

    Baiba is a friend from Latvian choir in London and the first of my kokle students. I can proudly say that she learns fast and recruits more kokle players with her enthusism :) 

    This 11 string kokle was made in 2011 by Karlis Lipors in Latvia.

  5. Aija Rozenberga

    Aija Rozenberga, lives in UK. 

    Kokle made by Karlis Lipors in Latvia.

    Aija Rozenberga plays kokle in an intuitive manner, for herself. Simple, relaxing and beautiful music for soul. 

    13 str. kokle made by Karlis Lipors in Latvia. 


  6. Laima Jansone

    Laima Jansone. 

    Kokle made by Eduards Klints in Latvia.

    Laima Jansone is a kokle player who performs on the big stage, plays exceptionally well and experiments a lot. 

    11 str. kokle made by Eduards Klints in Latvia.

  7. Andra Zobens East

    Andra Zobens East, lives in UK. 

    Kokle made by Donats Vucins in Latvia.

    Andra Zobens East is throughout a profesional musician - starting from conducting a choir and ending with playing a 11 string kokle made by a Latvian kokle tradition legend - Donats Vucins. 

  8. Daidze Andersone, LV. 

    Kokle made by her brother Talivaldis, LV.

    Daidze Andersone is a Latvian ethnic music lover who plays kokle and bagpipes and who got to know many years ago in bagpipe camp in Latvia. 

    Her brother Talivaldis made this 7 string kokle in previos decade. 

  9. Avita O`Donnell

    Avita O`Donnell is one of the persons who manage to free some time for kokle in a totally busy lifestyle. Thanks to her Latvian kids in London have an opportunity to learn Latvian, kokle and traditional folk songs. 

    Kokle made by Karlis Lipors in mid 1990`s, Lv.

  10. Māra Grēve

    Māra Grēve, pašas darināta kokle, tapināt 2011 palīdzēja Viktors Černoglazovs

    Māra Grēve, self-made kokle with help of Viktors Černoglazovs, 2011. 

  11. Ilze Ceļmillere

    Ilze Ceļmillere

  12. Laura Pīgozne

    Kokle made by Eduards Klints

  13. Kristīne Ādmine

    Kristīne Ādmine

    Kokle made by Eduards Klints

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